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How right harness for testing to determine

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How right harness for testing to determine

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1) wiring harness burned fault detection and judgment 
Wiring harness burned, are sudden, and burn fast, burn lines in general, no safety device. Wiring harness burned rule is: the circuit power system, which point grounding, wiring harness to burn where it burned and intact parts of the junction, where the wires can be considered Ground; If the wiring harness burned to the site of an electrical wiring devices, it indicates that the electrical equipment failure. 
2) short circuit, open circuit, poor contact between the fault line detection and judgment 
- The wiring harness to external compression, impact, causing the wiring harness wire insulation is damaged, causing a short circuit between the wires, so that some electrical equipment out of control, a blown fuse. When the judge, detachable wiring harness connector for electrical equipment and control across the switch, the electrical short circuit at the table or the pilot light detection circuit. 
- Wire circuit failure, in addition to the obvious breakage, the common fault occurs between the wire and the wire terminals. After some wire circuit, an insulating layer and an outer conductor terminal intact, but the inner core wire and the lead wire terminal has been disconnected. When the judge may suspect breaking conductive wire and wire terminals do tensile test, tensile test, such as wire insulation tapering, you can confirm that the wires have been disconnected. 
- The line is bad, the fault occurred in the connector. When a fault occurs, it will cause an electrical device is not working properly. When the judge, turn the power supply electrical equipment, touch or pull connectors of the electrical equipment concerned, when touching a connector, the work of the normal electrical equipment suddenly, suddenly is not normal, indicating that the connector faulty. Replace the electronic wiring harness assemblies 
1 appearance inspection 
1) new electronic wiring harness models should be consistent with the original model, with the wire lead terminals reliable connection, each connector can be used with a pull chain wire loose, off phenomenon. 
2) The new electronic wiring harness compare with the original electronic wiring harness, such as: electronic wiring harness size, wire terminal connectors, wire color, etc. should be basically the same. To place in doubt, use a multimeter to test, to confirm the integrity of the electronic wiring harness before replacing. 
2 electronic wiring harness installation 
Connectors each electrical equipment, plugs, sockets must correspond with the electronic harness socket plug. After all connecting wires and electrical equipment connected to, to leave a certain margin, leads not pull too tight or too loose put. 
Check and turn test 3 lines 
1) Line checks 
After the electronic wiring harness replaced, first check the connection of electronic and electrical equipment harness connector is correct, the battery positive and negative is connected correctly. 
2) power test 
Ground line battery may temporarily not connected with one 12V, 20W bulb test light to do so, the test lamp connected in series between the negative battery terminal and the frame grounding, switch off all electrical equipment on board. Normal test light should not light, or else show circuit failure. When the circuit is normal, remove the bulb, with a capacity of 30A fuse connected in series between the negative battery terminal and the frame grounding, do not start the engine, turn the car one by one for each power supply electrical equipment for electrical equipment and line inspection, trouble-free after confirming the electrical equipment and wiring, remove the fuse, connect the battery grounding wire.

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