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What harness failure

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What harness failure

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Car line common faults are: bad connectors, wire between the short circuit, grounding, etc.
Causes the following areas: 
1) natural damage 
Use more than the use of the harness of, aging the wire insulation breakdown, significantly decrease in the mechanical strength, it caused a short circuit, open circuit, grounding, resulting in the wiring harness burned. Harness terminal oxidation, deformation, resulting in poor contact can cause electrical equipment is not working properly. 
2) due to electrical failure of the device caused by damage to the wiring harness 
When electrical equipment overload, short circuit, grounding fault, may cause damage to the wiring harness. 
3) human error 
When the assembly or repair of automotive components, metal objects will harness bruise harness insulation breakdown; improper wiring harness position; lead position wrong electrical equipment; battery positive and negative leads reversed; overhaul circuit failure, chaos Next, cut the wiring harness wires chaos, etc., can cause electrical equipment is not working properly, or even burn the wiring harness.

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