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How to harness material selection

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How to harness material selection

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Good or bad wiring harness material directly affect the quality, choice of materials harness harness, related to the quality and life of the harness. Reminded you choose products on the harness, must not covet cheap, cheap products used in harness harness is perhaps inferior materials. How to tell harness quality bad? Understanding of the harness material will understand. The following is a selection of information harness. 
Usually by wire harness, insulated jacket, terminals and dressing materials. As long as they knew the material, you can easily distinguish harness good or bad. 
First, the material selection terminals 
Terminal material (copper) copper is mainly used in brass and bronze (brass, bronze, slightly lower than the hardness of the hardness), accounted for a large proportion of which brass. Additionally, you can choose different coating according to different needs. 
Second, the insulating sheath of choice 
Jacket material (plastic parts) commonly used material mainly PA6, PA66, ABS, PBT, pp and so on. You can select different materials design plug-ins according to different needs, can be added according to the actual situation of the flame retardant in plastics or reinforced materials, in order to achieve the purpose of enhancing or flame, such as adding glass fiber reinforced and so on. 
Third, the choice of the wire harness 
Depending on the use of the environment, select the appropriate wire material. 
Fourth, select the dressing materials 
Harness bandage play resistant, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, prevent interference, reduce noise and beautify the appearance of action, generally based on the work environment and space to choose the dressing material. In selecting the dressing material usually have the following 
1 Tape 
Online play bundle strapping tape, wear, insulation, fire-retardant, noise reduction, labeling and so on, in dressing materials generally account for about 30 percent. Harness general points with tape PVC tape, tape and duct tape gas flannel three kinds. PVC tape abrasion resistance, flame resistance is better; temperature at about 80 ℃, noise is not good, the price is cheaper. Velvet tape and duct tape material for PET. The best flannel bandage and tape noise, temperature at about 105 ℃; Duct tape is the best wear resistance, heat resistance up to about 150 ℃. Flannel cloth tape tape and shortcomings are common flame retardant bad and expensive. 
2. Bellows 
Bellows harness dressing generally account for about 60%, or even more. The main feature is the good abrasion resistance, high-temperature region in the heat resistance, flame retardancy, heat resistance are good. Bellows at -40-150 ℃ room temperature. Its material is generally divided PP and PA2 species. PA material in the flame retardant, wear better than PP material; but PP material in bending fatigue resistance is stronger than PA material. 
3. PVC pipe 
PVC pipes and bellows similar function. PVC pipe flexibility and good resistance to bending deformation, and the PVC pipe is usually closed, it is mainly used for PVC pipe bend of the wire harness branches, so that the smooth transition conductor.

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